Cremation Urns for babies/children

Angel Heart Rose Baby Urn


Adult Cremation Urns Collection

Amia Companion Cremation Urn – Ivory/Nickel


Cremation Urns for babies/children

A Butterfly Love Cremation Urn


Adult Cloisonne Cremation Urn Collection

Butterfly Blue Floral Cloisonné Cremation Urn


Cremation Urns for babies/children

Baby Pink heart keepsake urn


Cremation Urns for babies/children

Amia Pale Blue Cremation Urn


Cremation Urns for babies/children

Baby/Child Eldaha Cremation Urn



Cremation & Funeral Urns for Ashes

Proudly Australian operated and owned, based In Melbourne. Our Cremation Urns are hand crafted from the finest quality materials and timber. They are beautifully decorated and not traditional, offering an affordable way to memorialise your loved one’s.
  • Our Cremation Urns are crafted individually and completed by hand
  •  We offer free Australia wide delivery
  •  We specialise in Cremation Urns and offer a prompt and compassionate service
  • Our Cremation Urns have exquisite detail and are attractively ornamented made from high quality metals, brass and timber
We all have life energy and cremation helps us to let it free. A large number cultures have done this for hundreds to thousands of years and strongly believe the spirit or soul is released by fire. Our urns have been given spiritual names with unique meaning which will hopefully provide healing and comfort.