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Adult Cloisonne Cremation Urn Collection

Cloisonne is a unique art form that originated in Beijing. Each urn is individually hand-crafted so each urn will be unique in design and colouring creating sophisticated and extraordinary works of fine art. Cloisonne Cremation Urns are created using an intricate metalworking process and multiple layers of fired enamel over copper or brass. Model Hammering: The process is to form copper pieces into various shapes with a hammer according to a design, joining them under high temperature. Filigree Welding: In filigree welding the artist pinches and curves copper filigree into delicate flower patterns, pasting them onto the copper moulds. Possibly the most challenging step of the procedure, heating to 900 degrees centigrade, firms the metal. Enamel Filling: Through this interesting procedure, the cloisonne wears a coloured wrap. Handicrafts specialists fill enamel glaze into lattices formed by fine-spun filigrees. Just one filling is not enough – the filigrees extrude, and the surface is dull. They have to fuse powdery glaze in the smelter at 800 degrees centigrade, then take the object out and repeat the process three or four times until its surface becomes smooth.

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