Little Lachlan

Our beautiful boy. You were only with us for five days but in that short time you managed to fill our lives with unimaginable joy.

So, rest now tiny angel
Your work on earth is through,
In the beauty of God’s perfect love,
We saw His gift in you.

Mum and Dad

CraigyBaby…Our SuperHero

It’s just so difficult to accept. The fight is over. You fought valiantly for years – the cancer was just too relentless with too many blows. Our hearts break and so selfishly we wish you were still physically beside us. Fly with the eagles my darling – pain free and in full flight. We will always love you – forever and ever.

rest in peace grandad.

I don’t think any amount of words will be able to explain how much me and granny miss you, and I don’t think any amount of words could explain how truly amazing you are. You will always be my best friend and I truly couldn’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me through out my life, you were the kindest person with a heart of gold and the most beautiful smile. I miss you so much and hope your having a good journey up in heaven with great nana. Rest in peace grandad you may be gone but never forgotten, 31155 111112. I love you grandad.

My Beautiful Rockstar

To My Darling Rockstar,

I still don’t understand how two people that loved each other so much could be separated like this.
You are my everything & I’m so shattered that we won’t grow old together & watch our kids grow up.

I am so grateful that you shared yourself with me. Its my privilege & honour to know you. I am the luckiest woman on Earth.

Please watch over us & know that I love you…now & forever, still & always my beautiful, beautiful husband xx